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  • product name : DD862 Single-phase watt-hour meters
  • product brand : LBAJI
  • Place of Origin : CHINA
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Detailed Instruction


DD862 type single-phase watt-hour meter, that is, inductance type single-phase AC active energy watt-hour meter, it is used for measuring active energy at single-phase AC power grid of 50Hz or 60Hz. It has many features such as original design, reasonable structure,high overload capability,lower power consumption, long service life, good stability, convenient adjustment and maintenance, etc.

Produce Specification


Class index

Reference voltage

Basic current

Overload capacity

Starting current





3(6),2 .5(5) ,5 (10),10(20 ) ,20(40),30(60),40(80)


≤0 .5

AC power-frequency voltage 2kV for 1 minute;




1.5 (6),2.5 ( 10), 5(20 ),3( 12),10(40), 15(60),20(80),30( 100)


Main Technical data

1 . The watt-hour meter conforms to all technical requirements stipulated in national standard GB/ T 15283 Alternating Current Watt-hour Meters for Active Energy (Classes 0 .5 ,1 and 2),and total technical requirements for single-phase watt-hour meters(class 2) stipulated in international standard IEC 521.

2 . The watt-hour meter can be desinged into two kinds: direct connection type and the type of connection through multi-purpose current transtormer or multi-purpose voltage transtormer.

3 . According to users requirements ,the special watt-hour meters can be designed, including the watt-hour meter that has different reference frequency, reference voltage, different current specifications, positive and negative accumulation and not-return function

4 . Start: underr eference voltage , referece frequency and COSΦ = 1, when the load current cnat exceed current , the rotary of watt-hour meter can start and rotate continuously

5 . Creeping: when current circuit of watt-hour meter has no current ,and the voltage applied to voltage circuit is 80%~110% of reference value,the rotary disc of watt-hour meter rotates not more than 1 circle

6 . Power consumption: under the reference voltage ,reference termperature and reference frequency, the active energy consumption of watt-hour meter voltage circuit cant exceed 2W.

7 . Dielectric performance :when the watt-hour meter can withstand impact waveform(standard 1 .2/50μs waveform) and impact voltage of 6Kv peak value for 10 times respectively ,it wont be damaged.The circuit-to- earth of watt-hour meter can with stand sine waveform of 2kV and 45~65 Hz at AC voltage for 1min .

Outline & installation size

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